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    Standard buttons


    Small Normal Large

    Buttons with icons

    Some extra/special buttons with iframes

    Vimeo video Youtube Open image

    You can create any buttons you need. Can be used standard buttons or buttons with icons (can be mixed colors, sizes, targets and icons). All available icons for buttons you can find on http://themes.muffingroup.com/tisson/shortcodes/icons

    You can add any button you need using below shortcode:

    [button link="http://muffingroup.com" title="Default" ]
    [button link="http://muffingroup.com" target="_blank" title="Custom" size="large" color="red"]
    [button link="http://muffingroup.com/" target="_blank" title="<i class='icon-ok'></i> Accept" size="large" color="blue"]
    [button link="http://muffingroup.com/" target="_blank" title="<i class='icon-remove'></i> Delete" color="red"]
    [button link="http://muffingroup.com/" target="_blank" title="<i class='icon-refresh'></i> Refresh" size="large" color="orange" class="fancybox"]

    • link — button link
    • title — button title
    • target (optional) — link target, ex. «_blank»
    • size (optional) — button size, available: «small», «normal» (default), «large»
    • color (optional) — button color, available: «red», «orange», «green», «blue», «yellow»
    • class (optional) — this option is useful when you want to use Fancybox (fancybox) or Video Iframe (iframe)